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Selling Domains On GoDaddy Auctions

As you may know, the majority of my domain name sales has been on eBay.  I do however, sell on other platforms at times and one that I haven’t tried lately is GoDaddy Auctions.  This past week I listed a new domain on  GoDaddy auctions to see how the selling goes.  Since GoDaddy is [...]

Domain Website Highlight:

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So you might be wondering where I go to for my domain news and information. Today I wanted to highlight one of the “standouts” in the industry that I follow very close:

Elliot Silver


Elliot Silver is one of the great domainers that I follow almost every day via his blog/website, [...]

Domain Site Of The Week –

To kick off my weekly website reviews I wanted to start with a blog that I have started reading quite frequently:

Elliot’s Blog is written by Elliot J. Silver, an Internet entrepreneur and domain industry veteran. Elliot has his own domain investment and monetization company, Top Notch Domains, LLC that was [...]