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Selling Domains On GoDaddy Auctions

As you may know, the majority of my domain name sales has been on eBay.  I do however, sell on other platforms at times and one that I haven’t tried lately is GoDaddy Auctions.  This past week I listed a new domain on  GoDaddy auctions to see how the selling goes.  Since GoDaddy is [...]

GoDaddy’s Black Friday Deal: $1 Domains

GoDaddy is also taking advantage of Black Friday by offering $1 domain names. This offer is good for one use per customer so it’s the perfect time to buy a domain or add an additional domain to your portfolio. If you would like some suggestions of domains available to register just check out the list [...]

Get Your $1.47 Domain Now!

GoDaddy is offering a special deals on domains again.  You can get one domain for $1.47 (includes ICANN fee).  To take advantage of this special offer just visit the GoDaddy site and enter code INDY129 at checkout.  If you need some ideas on what domain name to register then below are my top picks of the [...]

99 Cent Domains

Everyone once in a while GoDaddy will offer 99 cent domains.  They did this back in July and I immediately notified my subscribers so that they could get in on this great deal.  Here are some of the domains that my subscribers were able to register during Godaddy’s special offer:

Be [...]

How To Accept A Domain Into Your Godaddy Account

It seems I’m always getting a lot of questions about how to accept a domain that has been “pushed” into your GoDaddy account. I decided that it was about time I posted a short tutorial on how the process works. So here goes.

When someone initiates a push of a domain from their GoDaddy [...]