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powered by MailChimp! & .info – 2 Great Domains For Sale

This is a pair of domains (.com and .info) that would be great for any business or many other situations.  If you have something and you “deploy it fast” then this could be the perfect domain for you.  If you would like to obtain this pair of domains I have them up [...] – TOP Financial/Loans Domain Name For Sale

Check out the auction here. – Great Real Estate/Mortgage Domain Name

One of my featured domains on eBay this week is:

This super domain would be perfect for any mortgage company.  You could use it to create a website giving people tips and information to help them secure the mortgage they need.  Having a site like this could drive more traffic to your existing [...]

Selling Domains On GoDaddy Auctions

As you may know, the majority of my domain name sales has been on eBay.  I do however, sell on other platforms at times and one that I haven’t tried lately is GoDaddy Auctions.  This past week I listed a new domain on  GoDaddy auctions to see how the selling goes.  Since GoDaddy is [...]

BTDN.NET – AMAZING / RARE Four (4) Character CCCC Domain Name For Sale

This week I have a short four letter domain name up for sale on eBay:


It is becoming rare these days to find a four letter domain name that is still available without having to pay a huge price for it.  This domain could make a great acronym that stands for something [...]