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Selling Domains On GoDaddy Auctions

As you may know, the majority of my domain name sales has been on eBay.  I do however, sell on other platforms at times and one that I haven’t tried lately is GoDaddy Auctions.  This past week I listed a new domain on  GoDaddy auctions to see how the selling goes.  Since GoDaddy is strictly domain names, then people coming there will certainly be looking for a domain name whereas on eBay they may not.

The process to list domains on GoDaddy is not that difficult.  You have to have a membership that cost $4.99/year.  Once you have your membership, you can begin listing domains.  There are several types of auction formats to choose from:

  • Buy Now: This allows someone to purchase your domain at the specified price immediately.
  • Offer/Counteroffer: Buyers can make an offer on your domain and you can either accept the offered price or counter with another price.
  • 7 Day Public Auction – Here you set a minimum starting bid price and then bidders can increase their bids.  Whoever is the highest bidder when the auction ends is the winner.

I chose to list the domain as a 7 day auction.  It’s been listed for almost 6 days now with no bids.  I did not buy any upgrades like extra categories, featured listings, etc.  So other than my self-promotion, I don’t think too many eyes are actually seeing this auction.  The GoDaddy listing page says I’ve had 10 views.  Most of those were probably mine.  This leads me to believe that unless you do lots of promotion or maybe just list without doing a 7 day auction then maybe you will get more traffic.  This is just a test so based on my results I will make adjustments the next time.

When you have sold a domain with GoDaddy auctions they will take care of collecting the payment and holding in escrow,  allowing you to push the domain, and then once the buyer has the domain the funds will be sent to you.  You can have them deposited directly into your checking account or sent via PayPal.

If anyone has an experience or tips with GoDaddy auctions I would love to hear about them.  Please leave me a comment on this post.  If you have any other venues that you have found to be really useful for selling domains I would love to hear about those also.  I might just give those a try as well.

You can check out GoDaddy auctions by clicking the banner below.  You can check out my auction by clicking here.

Once my auction has ended I’ll be blogging a full report right here.  Stay tuned to find out how things go.

Happy Domaining!

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