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Domain Website Highlight:

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So you might be wondering where I go to for my domain news and information. Today I wanted to highlight one of the “standouts” in the industry that I follow very close:

Elliot Silver


Elliot Silver is one of the great domainers that I follow almost every day via his blog/website, Elliot has been in has been into domains for many years and knows a great deal about buying and selling. If you are looking at getting into any facet of domain names then I encourage you to spend some time reading the wealth of information he has on his site.

Elliot posts to his blog nearly every day and discusses just about everything related to the domain industry. He’s one of the people I follow closely and I’ve learned a lot from his great insight. Just yesterday, he posted about four times on his website. Topics include winning an iPad2 from, for sale by SEDO, and discussion on Lots of interesting reading indeed.

I encourage you to add Elliot to your RSS feed or Twitter feed as you will really benefit from his daily commentary.

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