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The following was sent to my email list 05/02/11.  If you would like to get my email updates please send me a note via my contact form and provide your email.

Another month has arrived and with it I have some great domains ending on eBay tonight.  Just check out the list at the top of this email.  I have some great names with some very active bidding so get in on the action now before it’s too late.  These will be ending later today.

The world is all a frenzy right now with the supposed death of Osama bin Laden.  One of the first online notes I saw about it was a tweet from Rick Schwartz where he posted the that Osama was dead with a link to his blog.  You can view it here.  Rick is consider the “Domain King” and is one of the popular domainers I follow closely.  If you’re into domains at all I encourage you to read his posts from time to time.

It’s amazing to me how people quickly try to capitalize on major events such as this.
A quick search on eBay shows 18 domains people already have posted related to Osama’s death.

The one with the largest price is for $50,000 USD.  Now where is the value in a domain like that?  Anyone with that kind of money would have to know what they are doing to be able to turn a profit on the domain.  If I had the domain I would at least put up a website or parking page.  Right now it just goes to the standard GoDaddy page.  The auction listing says it will be sold to the highest offer.  It will be interesting to see how that one turns out.

Most of the other domains just look like junk to me.  Anyway…I hope the guy really is dead, but I’m one of the skeptical ones that needs some concrete proof to believe it. Saying that his body was dumped in the ocean somewhere just does not cut it for me.

Before I go let me tell you about today’s Steal Of The Day. You can get the domain for under $20.  This is a great domain for someone into SEO (search engine optimization) since keywords play a big part in getting your website ranked.

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Have a great evening and watch for more great deals and offers later this week!

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