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Site of The Week:

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I don’t know if it’s still active as the most recent post on this site is May 2008, but this site provided cartoons related to the domain name industry.  If you visit the site you can view the cartoons that were posted up until that time.  The site slogan was “laugh, buy, sell” and was geared toward using cartoons to attract buyers and sellers of domains.

According to the site they had the “2nd biggest domain newsletter on the web”.    I have signed up for their email list but have not received any communication thus far which leads me to believe no activity is happening.  You can submit your own cartoon ideas and if they are accepted it says they will pay you $50 and include your website name on the cartoon.  Maybe they have not received any submissions since 2008?  I highly doubt it.

This site was a neat concept so maybe it will become active again.  I’ll keep check and post any updates regarding this site in the future.

You can view the site here:

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