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How To Accept A Domain Into Your Godaddy Account

Godaddy Pending Account Changes

It seems I’m always getting a lot of questions about how to accept a domain that has been “pushed” into your GoDaddy account. I decided that it was about time I posted a short tutorial on how the process works. So here goes.

When someone initiates a push of a domain from their GoDaddy account to your own account there are two ways this can be done. The first way is the easiest and best way to ensure that the domain makes it to the right place. When someone goes into their GoDaddy account and selects an account change for a domain they can enter the target user’s Godaddy ID or Godaddy customer number and the email address associated with that customer’s GoDaddy account. I recommend pushing domains this way because Godaddy will check the information entered to make sure it matches and is correct. This ensures that you are pushing to a valid GoDaddy account. This method also adds the domain to the target user’s pending account changes page. At this point the target user just has to log into their account, go to the pending account changes page and they should see the domain that has been pushed. With a few clicks you can accept the domain into your account and begin to manage it.

When you log into your GoDaddy account most users will see their account management or overview screen. If you look on the left-hand menu you should see a section for “My Account” and underneath that a subheading of “Preferences”. Under this you should see a link for “Pending Account Changes” which is highlighted in the image shown to the left.

Once you click the “Pending Account Changes” link you should be taken to a new screen (note it usually pops up in a new window or tab) that shows a list of “Incoming Account Changes”. On the left-hand side of this screen you can change to “Outgoing Account Changes” to see any domains that you have pushed to other users but have not yet been accepted.

The second way that a domain can be pushed via GoDaddy is by entering the user’s email address, address, and phone information. This can be done if the Godaddy ID and email of the user is not known. When this kind of push is initiated the domain does not automatically show up on the “Pending Account Changes” screen. Instead the user gets an email from Godaddy that contains a transaction ID and a security code. From the “Pending Account Changes” screen you must click the “Manually Accept Domains” button near the top-right of the screen. Next a window will pop up where you entered the transaction ID and security code that was sent to you. Once this is confirmed the domain will then show up in your account so that you can manage it. The main problem with pushing a domain this way is that users have the extra step of having to input the transaction/security information that was sent to them. Sometimes the GoDaddy emails are lost, never received, sent to SPAM, etc.

I hope this will help existing and future buyers or sellers to better understand how domain account changes at GoDaddy work. Please feel free to post any comments or questions you might have regarding this.

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